Anonymous Jan 20, 2017 at 6:55 pm


He is also pretty old. He is 70, not that I care but it was a big deal that Bernie was 72. Bernie is probably in much better shape. Oh well.
Teddy Roosevelt wasn't really that overweight. He was a little round when he took the oath of office. He had been a boxer and quite an athlete. (rich man's athlete that is, Polo, Steeple Chasing etc). The assassinated President McKinley he succeeded was larger and heavier than Teddy but not quite as large as Trump. Your answer is William Howard Taft, Teddy's successor was 325 to 350 lbs or so.. Whenever he traveled he had to have the reception committees build him a special big chair. So there!!....that's one insult they can't hang on the big orange man, our new Commander in Chief.

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