I'm so sick of all of you anxiously preparing for the "grid to go down". Y'all are fucking nuts. It is one thing only that affords you the privilege of espousing this bullshit and it is your gender. Look, I get it. The idea of "going back to nature" and "living by your wits" is infinitely appealing to your little boyscout mentality. You view yourself as counter-culture and I'm sure that in your doomsday scenario there are ample opportunities to be a protector of people and causes that you care about, and that in it you will be actively involved in "creating community".

Well, guess what: that community already exists. It's all around you and it's time you grow up and start participating in it. I know, I know, it's so much easier, and more exciting, to cling to your counter-culture title while digging out a bunker somewhere, studying permaculture, and only associating with others who think like you. But some of us need society to keep on existing AS IS. Don't kid yourselves, ladies, if civilization collapses, we will become a commodity. And I don't know about you, but I'm not interested in being reliant for protection upon whatever gang of "counter-culture woodsmen" happens to be closest.

Oh, Portland Feminist Beardos; I do love you. I love what you represent and I fully understand that you feel cut off from society and would rather drop out than join in. However, it is time to grow up. Get involved in politics, speak to others who don't think like you, and set aside your treasured self-image as "counter-culture". Develop the timeless skills of patience and compromise that are in fact the fabric of the society that the rest of us depend on for our safety. Then maybe you'll be dateable.