I have been reading several rants lately about Donald Trump. The news is all about this silly, rich,out of touch with reality President. I am always left empty and discouraged by the pessimist inside me. The next four years are politically numbing for my fragile soul.

A few years ago, looking for a new role model to dream away my ordinary life; I fell in love with Angelie Jolie. It was not her beauty alone, but her bohemian bigger then life attitude.
Every corner, every page I found hateful comments about her. The past lifestyle she explored
brings out the hate. The fact that she quit her dangerous life, and became a loving Mother was not good enough for the haters. Now she is going to be a single mom,and landed a huge perfume deal; and will give all the proceeds to charity. She has given me hope when I needed it most. She is my vision of a lovely woman that could have turned into a vulgar movie star, she chose to reach into her past, and turn her life around. I hope she becomes a bigger spokesman for the Unied Nations. I hope to see much more about her. I love Angelina Jolie.