Thank you for the cheap entertainment, SWF who found older graying people (men) offensive. Surprise, surprise but we ( the graybeard old farts and their graying female contemporaries) find you and your rant amusing too. We know something vital information that you have yet to comprehend. Yes, all of us get older. But some of us know what it means to be direct and have manners, something which the entitled trendy set has yet to swill. You could learn a lesson in tolerance and mindfulness from Miss Manners. One day, dearie, you will be in the same situation as we are...having to deal with cheeky intolerant twenty-somethings who know nothing about what its like to deal with their elders or the public in general without the characteristic eyeroll's. Get over yourself, you might just fret yourself into an early grave. Try living your life for a change instead judging everyone else.