I can't get over how Donald keeps sucking me in. When I saw him signing and waving around that oversized ban on nest bed terrorists countries immigration...I thought Good Deal. He gave us the America First jargon and said it was the most stupendous bill that has ever been penned. I expect all that crowing and clucking. But "what the hell"..."he's trying".

Then at the JFK protest I heard an Immigration Lawyer volunteering his time (Did I hear right?), telling of an Iranian Dr. with proper visa etc etc who was called on emergency to Italy to save a child's life and couldn't get back in the country.

Tossing something out there, like an Executive Order damning 7 countries citizens to "Extreme Vetting" his words, not mine, just to see how it shakes out is bizarro. Even more so his brilliant legal staff either fluffed over it and are inept as hell, or they warned him of the consequences and that a federal judge would reverse or at least Stay the order and Donald with or without his kitchen cabinet said I don't give a shit. We're doing it. We can deal with any throwback by just blaming the Lying Press or say "President Obama warned us of Those 7 countries on the list. Plus and here's the big one "We'll be in the News". "Pro or Con who cares" "We've got good damage control" (he really doesn't). He has no answers for all those thousands of protesters at every major Airport. I'm loving them. Maybe when the weather breaks I'll join in.