I hate to beat a dead horse, but I've seen little to no coverage on a study that was released stating that domesticated cats are responsible for the mass extinction of birds, mammals and reptiles. It's been called an "Ecological Disaster," but not much in the way of solutions have been proposed.

If this were any other scenario where human behavior was threatening, or causing the extinction of ONE SPECIES of animal, there would be protests. There would be laws and regulations passed to save whatever animal is on the verge of extinction. Who here remembers the Spotted Owl? Human behavior (logging) was threatening its very existence and people took action! Spotted Owl saved, timber industry decimated. Hey, it was well worth saving an animal from extinction... right? What about the Sage Grouse over yonder on the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge? Aren't we keeping ranchers out of that area so that we can save this native bird? Damn straight.

But, when it comes to humans introducing a non-native predator (cats) into the environment to conduct wholesale killing of native wildlife, to the point where we're losing ENTIRE SPECIES... it's no big deal, man. Nothing can be done, and nothing will be done. We'll continue to lose species of native wildlife due to non-native cat predation. It's just a fact of life now.

There's no logical reason to let non-native cats roam free to kill native species of animals... no logical argument can be made to justify it considering the negatives involved. The only "argument' is that it makes the cat owner feel all warm and fuzzy inside. That's it. That's the reason why we'll continue to allow native wildlife to go extinct.

Warm and fuzzy wins the day!