I have been listening a bit and have heard it said that if even 50% of Americans JUST TOOK ONE DAY OFF, it would be 3 years cleaning up the mess.
That sounds like just about the perfect amount of time to use up Trumps term in office, making him run around chasing his bloated tail.
Granted, it would shaft America but good (hell, the world even) but would you rather be the one being pooped on or the one doing the pooping?
This would actually show our government that WE, THE PEOPLE are FINISHED taking orders from corrupt politicans, greedy corporations and orange billionaires.
This would be a historic precedent for America because we would only have to do it once.
REMEMBER - The only leverage a slave has is their money or their labor and, if you are a typical American like me, you don't have the money to vote in real change.

So, just take a unified day off America - you've been through so much that you have earned it.