If I may offer a translation of what you said: "I'm a descendant of those classy people who moved here back when Oregon was founded as a racist white upotia. How dare people do exactly what my great grandparents did at my age, except now they are not wholesale murdering, displacing, and assimilating the people who were here for more than 10,000 years while making their religions forbidden. I'm proud that I'm so bad at math that I can't tell the difference between 200 and 10,000. I don't want out of town people moving here even though they collectively raise the IQ of the city because they were educated somewhere else. I don't at all understand why some people think my "Native" bumper sticker on my truck is racist. I am a white person who unironically complains about invasive species. I am better than you simply based on where my mother happened to be when I emerged from her vagina."