Republicans appear to all have daddy issues. Dubya: Waged a war over daddy issues. Reagan: Well, he actually had mommy issues, but still. Bush One: His wife, god bless here, looked liked his mother. Trump: Daddy issues up the wazoo. They all have this desperate need to be loved, because their daddies didn't.

Republican voters seem to have the same tendency: They LOVE an authoritarian figure. Oh, they whined and bitched over Obama being a "dictator," yet provided ZERO evidence of it. They cried like the littlest of babies when Obama used his executive order power.

But now... they're more than happy for Trump to just do what he wants. No questions asked, no push back... just blind agreement... toeing the party line and being good little followers.

It's opposite world for Republicans... they say the media is biased towards the left, when conservative talk radio DOMINATES the airwaves: Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, G. Gordon Liddy, Neal Boortz, Mike Gallagher, Matt Drudge, Bob Dornan, Michael Reagan, Oliver North, Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, Mark Leven, Alex Jones, Laura Ingrams, Lars Larson, Michael Medved, Bob Grant, Ken Hamblin, Pat Buchanan, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage... just to name a few. Can anyone name me an equal number of liberal talk radio shows? Anyone?

Daddy issues are going to get us into another war. Daddy issues are going to kill more people. Daddy issues will make the rich richer, and the poor poorer.

It's sad that the average Republican voter doesn't see how they're being manipulated by authoritarian white men with daddy issues.