Oh, I know, you just moved here from the Midwest or upstate New York or some other place that gets a boatload of snow every winter. You know how to drive in the snow! You probably took your road test in a near blizzard. So did I. And like you, I’m sure, I’d never even heard of tire chains before moving to Oregon. As a newbie Oregonian I scoffed at them and thought they were for wimpy west coast drivers that don’t know how to drive in the snow. But guess what else the Midwest and upstate New York and all those east coast cities have in common . . . they’re really flat. Trying to drive up to Government Camp in your Prius with no chains in a white out is not just inconvenient for the people who want to drive more than 10 miles per hour but it’s really dangerous to everyone around you. All it takes is one car to slide around and start a game of bumper cars on the side of a mountain. Do us all a favor and forget about where you came from. You live in Oregon now. Either buy an all-wheel drive or 4 wheel drive car or put some chains on!