I frequent this page often. I'm aware of the topics that trend. If I bore you with yet another tattoo gripe, feel free to move on to the posts still complaining about snow preparedness and Trump.

This morning I watched a us Post service employee degrade a heavily tattooed lady. She walked up to the counter, and before any anticipated niceties came out the employee, another woman, told her she looked disgusting. The tattooed lady, probably 25—35 range, stood shocked, and then after a moment of silence questioned her. She professed that tattoos are a sin and no man would want her since she was so ugly. All of us in line were speechless. It felt like we were on "what would you do." After a few more words from the employee, the lady grabbed her package and told her she was married and hoping to have a child soon and her husband loved her dearly. She walked out.

I couldn't imagine how rough that would have been, and to have handled it with such grace. I guess why I'm posting is, I guess I just feel guilty. No one said anything, they let it be her issue. Which it was, but something still didn't feel right when she left. I admit I'm a transplant (been here for 6 years.) I really thought Portland was different than where I came from.