Safety Bitch needs to take a basic English grammar course.
as a transplant myself (chicago, boston, madison) i can personally assure you that drivers in portland are generally less aggressive, more considerate and more law abiding than drivers anywhere else i've lived.
I've seen more bicyclists roll through red lights and pedestrians jaywalk than cars blatantly run red lights. You want to talk about entitlement, lets talk about all the bicyclists who make discretionary decisions to lane split, roll through red lights, occupy sidewalks, use crosswalks, etc whenever it eases the commute. To make matters worse, they typically do it more when it's nasty out because they don't want to sit at a red in the rain. Bikers want the right to use the road, but imo they abuse the traffic laws worse than autos. Also, statistically speaking, you are at greater risk as a passenger in a car than you are walking down the road or riding a bike. The whole "pedestrians and cyclists are at risk!" thing is a load of shit.

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