I wonder when we're going to quit talking about it.

I hate trump only because it's all anyone is concerned with. The only things that has actually changed in your life is your emotions. The idiot won't even make it a year, chillax.
Slowtostink, you can stop talking about it any time you want. The rest of us are watching closely as atrocities to our democracy happen daily. If you think nothing has changed except for the "emotions" of concerned citizens, I encourage you to order another shot and return your head to the up-your-ass position. Very real and threatening changes have taken place which don't affect YOUR life because you are a white male with no minority friends and only a loose whimsical grasp on actual reality.
I have minority friends, they are the least concerned. Seems to me, we live in a predominately white city, and the only people really up in arms are the white yuppies who either don't give a shit about working, or don't need to because they are literally living off parents money. We have the notmypresidents day marches today. Guess what, while all the overeducated white kids who have no handle on their emotions march in the rain, the majority of Hispanics, blacks, Asians, etc will be clocking in to work. They might be pissed too, but they know how to handle the shit, and they aren't entitled to keep skipping work every time they see a facebook group post about a march. I choose to be pissed about particular things, but you people who insist on letting it ruin your day to day life are a joke to humanity.

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