So, one of my roommates has asperger's & does rather strange things. Most of the issues I have been able to talk through with him & ultimately resolve. It's a challenge, however, as he really doesn't understand personal boundaries & gets offended when i bring things up. He doesn't understand that he could actually be doing something wrong.
Here is something that he does that i just don't know how to speak to him about, as it's so weird. When I am making food for myself, he & his dog will hover over me while i am cooking, chopping veggies, etc. & beg. Like, literally start making noises & comments about my food & then will grab some for himself. At one point, he scolded his dog for begging, then grabbed some of my food for himself.
Now, I wouldn't mind so much if I was making a big meal for everyone. But, this is when I'm just making a burrito for myself, or something. He is overweight & definitely food obsessed. It makes me really uncomfortable & grosses me out. A lot of the problems that have arisen between us are just so weird & outside the realm of normal, common sense behavior that I don't know how to deal with them politely. Like, do I say " Hey, can you please stop begging when I'm making food?". It feels weird & rude. Like, I shouldn't have to. He also has this strange idea that all food in the house should go into his belly. Like a dog. It's just freakin' weird.