In order to understand the mind of a right-winger, you must suspend all logic and reason and tap into your primitive lizard brain. This guy down in LO is a prime example of how a right-winger thinks. They relish in negativity and they embrace simpleminded opinions.

He's a middle-aged virginal man who literally lives behind the computer keyboard. He's a troll exposed, and he LIVES for all the negative attention. Reading some of the echo-chamber comments on his foul-mouthed FB page, his supporters all seem to be poorly educated (Trump loves you!) and hateful. It's just one illiterate comment after another...

The fact that he's riled up so many liberals is EXACTLY what he wants. He obviously doesn't have much of a life outside of regurgitating bigoted right-wing talking points.... so all this attention he's getting is filling the void of an otherwise pathetic existence. He's thriving off of liberal outrage, and yes, he knows exactly how to push your buttons.

I say ignore his ass. Let him hang offensive signs in his windows, let him post bigoted statements on FB... WHO CARES? His mindset is nothing new... it's pretty common in the right-wing, fact-free world.

I mean, really, who fucking cares what some virginal troll thinks?
Not me!