I heard most humans only use 10% of cerebral functioning of their brain. Dolphins use more, apparently. Neurologists don't truly know what exactly 10% of brain function means. Nor how much a higher percentage it can work at. They linked it to multitasking. But how beneficial is multitasking versus a concentrated focus on one task? So does that mean distracted ADD people are functioning at a higher rate? They also linked it to someone driving a car 120 mph, playing chess, eating, whatever else, all at the same time compared to someone going 60 mph, and only concentrating on driving. Wasn't sure these facts or opinions were suggesting levels of intelligence? Besides, driving 20 mph and putting on makeup is a stupid idea. It got me thinking of when I'm washing dishes, for example. I could start a load of laundry before, but could I chop and cook dinner, watch TV, and read at the same time? Doubt it. Some things could be done. Does that mean I'm using a higher percentage of my brain? Finally, I want to bring it back to how dumb people are. Everyone I encounter everyday, why are you so dumb? What occupies your stupid useless brain activity? Like the girl and her boyfriend standing in the middle of the walkway at a crowded grocery store. Are you too stupid to realize that maybe standing back may help the flow of traffic? Like the old fat man drinking Campbell's soup out of the can then sticking finger in and sucking finger. I'm sure that was the highlight of his day.
It may also be that 90% of this population have next to little ambition and are just fine getting fat, and staring at a wall, or curious about what you're wearing.