Yeah, all right - I heard the speech our So-Called President made last night. Yeah, all right - it sounded "positive". But sounding positive and being positive are two totally different things.

Are we going to forget all the horrible shit coming out of the White House these last few weeks? Or from the campaign? Are we going to forget that he mocked disabled people, even if he paraded a disabled person at the Joint Session? How is that okay?

How is it okay that Trump touts "clean air and water" while simultaneously signing executive orders to destroy these things?

How is okay that Trump has been accused of sexual assault a dozen times and becomes President, yet every other time a politician does something remotely out of line, they are torn apart by the media and the people and resign in disgrace? Are we really supposed to applaud him for "helping women entrepreneurs and STEM students get jobs", while having audio/video evidence of these assault claims?

I can understand the people who voted for him because they felt their concerns weren't being met by the Obama/Democrat Admin. I cannot understand the people who voted for him that believe and fall in line with the things he says, or justifies anything he does.

What would it take to change your mind? If Paul Ryan or Bill O'Reilly said climate change was caused by man, would you finally believe it?