I don’t care if you have lived in your house for the last 50 years or you were here just 2 weeks ago, or my favorite I just gave that information to the other clinic ( guess what we are not all the same nor are we all connected). I have a job, I have expected standards for that job, and one of them is to verify we have all the correct information. We are a medical clinic; you more often than not do not have a one of a kind name, (even though you like to think you do). We need to be sure we have the correct person; we need to be sure we have the correct billing information or guess what you will get the bill. AND, you are asking for a company, a business to take care of you without expecting the guarantee of being paid, where else could you do that? You cannot be lazy in with your information and then be surprised if a mistake is made because we could not just verify a simple little information from you. Grow up, start adulating and I am also talking to you 50, 60, 80 something’s. It is our job to make sure without a doubt we have the correct person to the account we are getting into. I am pretty sure that’s important to you too so buck up and let us do our job. You may be surprised but I get paid pretty well to be the person who registers you for medical services because that how important making sure we have the correct person is. So remember if you do not want your left leg amputated instead of removing your gall bladder then just say your god-forsaken name and address not “Nothing’s changed”.