ENOUGH already!!!!!!!!!!!
we get it.
youre worse than listening to a baby crying for mamas nipple.
youre worse than my nagging ex-wife, don't forget the bread, who I told just wait in the fucking car.
you're worse than my drunk ass ex-husband bitching about the bologna sandwich served on a plate instead of paper towel.
this ain't the place for your personal agenda.
I don't care if you're the same person or a few different people talking about the same shit.
over and over.
so fucking tiring.
this ain't the place, ANONYMOUSLY, most of all, to spew your grievances, where no more than a few people read this shit.
because i'm sure you're so proactive that you do something about it.
i'm sure you're so committed to social and political change that you make your thoughts known to all your social media, as YOU, to every person one and all.
and one things for sure, no matter what you say. no matter how much you hold that gun to anybodys head, you aren't going to change anyone's mind about anything.
Go move to some other country.
or do something than writing about it on here.
This is I'Anonymous.
Not I'Trumpous.