I just heard Oprah Winfrey is thinking about a 2020 run for President. Loved,admired and one of my favorite celebrities. I can just see it now. Rolling a red wagon with 30 lbs of meat to prove she lost that much weight on her many diets. I hope you know many of us are tired of your up and down weight loss.

To be taken serious, disconnect from Dr Wizard of Oz and whatever weight loss hackers you have pushing their diet products. You are so damn rich that you need an excellent nutritionist. You can afford it. Most people who admire you don't want to ear about your endless struggle with weight loss. They never work for you.

Try the poor man's diet that is easier and healthy. Bouillon, a little fruit, vegetables and a very small amount of meat or fish. A one a day vitamin, and layoff the laxatives. I wish you the best, but the overweight problem you have may be to an eating disorder that can be very dangerous. It also involves your mental frame of mind. Still a fan, but do something that is not about your constant whining about weight.