Oprah in 2020?


I don't know what's funnier, the fact that all you can say about Oprah is her weight problem or the fact that you have apparently a near zero grasp of the English language. The only thing your rant says about you is that you hate fat people, black people, and women. Get a life.
Hey Aurey punk who you saying has no grasp of he English language? I've read more of your comments than I care to admit. Your English is atrocious and your comments are pretty boring.
Okay the ranter was a little rough (more like a lot) on heavy people and people that have eating disorders and weight gain problems. I think the ranter is merely telling us (like Donald always changing the subject and talking about crowd sizes or his huge mandate (yeah right), Oprah will change the subject to weight loss or gain and the problems thereof and duck the questions.
I read not one remark the sounded anti black or woman.
I think you just got your Nasty on and you're full of it.

You're a meat wagon, IA.
I just like how it went from Oprah 2020 and bam fat shaming a celebrity they like (?)

If OW runs, this will come up over and over. This rant had no racism, but fat shaming is evident.
I do think this rant was about being sick of diets and weight loss programs celebrities push.
Let us all settle down. Oprah is a beautiful woman, President material and I would vote for her.
She will not run but if she did, I would be her biggest fan. I am a married man with two small children and I think we should light this candle.
I'm sure she eats better than the Person That Thinks They Are President (PTTTAP) right now
i'd vote for her purely for the amusement value. dr. phil for v.p.