A Woman's Personal Space


Lol, ok little person of color, we will be sure to be on the look out for signs of your emanating fear, try too to scratch yourself on our whiskers. Be seeing you!
Carry a taser.
*a historically...
Take your safety and personal boundaries under your own control. Asking the world to change to make you comfortable is childish and self centered. This planet is half men, some of them are shitbags, creepers, and rapists. Some are ignorant of boundaries. Education is awesome, but until men biologically change...Protect yourself, continue to speak up for your boundaries, but don't expect an entire gender to intrinsically know what you are or are not uncomfortable with.
Right, white men in progressive Portland are who you need to worry about. You've clearly never walked down 5th/6th ave in China town, or rode the bus/max past the Hollywood stop. Me thinks someone has a bit of a race-based paranoia.

Flip the script: "Hey black men, I'd really appreciate it if you didn't walk behind me because it totally creeps me out and I have no clue what your intentions are." And they said minorities can't be racist.