Yesterday my wife and I took a walk to get lattes at the cafe down the street. As we were in the crosswalk, a driver missed the light and hit us. I got up right away but my wife was down and out for a while there.

I want to thank all the people, including at least two nurses, who stopped to help us and made sure my wife had the best care possible while we waited for the ambulance. I was so scared and it helped so much to have you all there to help and to know that you knew what you were doing. I couldn't even figure out how to work my phone to dial 911 so I would've been totally useless. My wife is gonna be just fine after a few days to recuperate.

Also, I'm sorry the EMTs accidentally grabbed several of your coats and jackets when we left. They had no way to get them back to you so they donated them to the hospital's stash of clothes to give to people who come in without anything. I wish we could have gotten them back to you, but at least they're doing good.

Thank you all so much.