Altruism = Nope


right, light shit up and make them call the national guard. You anarcho fuck boys already get your vegan panties in a bunch when the popo shows up in riot gear, how you gonna handle a branch of military that's a bunch of part time volunteers who only signed up to get diesel mechanic training and are more trigger happy than a mall cop with mace?

Go put on another Conflict record and get high.
Have you read March by John Lewis or Why We Can't Wait by MLK? How much have you read about protest and resistance? Be honest with yourself and us.

Do you have a plan informed by history, politics, and a deep intellectual curiosity to actually solve problems IRL? Be real.
I'm sorry but the dude ahead of me is fucking hysterical.

Also I like your style.

Protesters cannot back down and cave at the immense pressure to be convenient, because guess what? They wouldn't pay attention if it were easy to walk around.

Burn it.
have fun with burning your city down Killawatt.

I've always been interested in this community that on one hand takes pride in their community, and are very open about that, and yet at a drop of a dime will destroy certain features of it to demand a response and those features have nothing to do with what they're upset about.

It's the exact inner-community destruction most of these educated individuals wouldn't condone, but a bad president or cop shooting and a mask makes it okay to fuck up a coffee joint or car dealership. makes tons of sense. It just makes the people involved, most of the time very bright ambitious people, look contradictory and like they have no respect for the community. You wanna burn something, build a fucking 30 foot trump statue over night and light on fire on the waterfront when no ones watching. Think about the press that shit would bring.