Urgent Carers


Is this the same dipshit who got hit by a car? Stop anonymously thanking people. It doesn't mean anything to thank someone unless they know of your appreciation. I'll show you.

"I want to thank that one guy for that one time he did that one thing when I was one years old...thanks, guy!"

What does that sentence mean to you IA? It means nothing to everyone except me. It doesn't even mean anything to that one guy, cuz I'm anonymous in this format.

If you want to berate or insult someone, but can't because you're too polite, or you'll lose your job, or you're afraid of direct confrontation...this is a forum to let some of that steam out. There is no risk in thanking someone, so just do it in person next time you timidly pitiful little mouse turd of a human being
They did go to urgent care over being sick.

That's the one I want to talk about, what's with all the babies running around clogging up the clinics and urgent cares because their tummy feels upset. Stay the fuck home, take some damn medicine, drink water, puke your fucking lungs out, and save your damn money people.
Christ, what happened to the commenters with brains?
I think the comments are indicative of more brains than the post. But hey, you're probably the poster so you're biased.