There's no comment field below the article "Fighting for my Womanhood" by Sophia Lee, but I feel compelled to comment. The piece was well written, poignant and enlightening. but there's one point I have to contest:

"I’ve had countless numbers of encounters with men who have found me attractive, only to suddenly lose interest when I tell them that I’m a transgirl. This is transphobia, plain and simple. It is not a preference. If you say that you won’t date any girl who is black, that is not a preference. It’s racism."

First of all, the word "preference" is misleading here. A person's sexual orientation is not their choice. Who they are attracted to and what turns them on is not a preference. Just because someone doesn't want to have sex with you doesn't make them a bigot. Sophia seems caught between the desire to "pass" and wanting to be accepted for who she is: a transgirl. Its unfair to call a straight man transphobic if he changes his mind, having thought he was meeting a cis woman. It's also extremely dangerous for a trans woman to reveal her transness later rather than sooner to new dates. This is unfortunate but statistically true.

Sophia, passing as cis in every day life certainly has its advantages. But when it comes to dating, be upfront and proud of who you are: a beautiful trans woman. You'll save yourself countless wasted dates and find there are tons of guys out there who would love to date a trans woman.