I manage a warehouse and mill. I am in my 30's, college educated, worked my way up and the good fortune of having the right jobs, right experiences, and right accolades landed me where I am. In the past, I'd never be the person to submit and put forth an ageist ideal of how to run a business. I am conflicted though because it has been my experience that the older a person gets in this industry the more of a headache they cause. They want more money, they want to do less, they feel entitled, they're sick twice as much as the younger crowd, they are slower production workers, they disagree more (especially when their manager is 20+ years younger than them), and perhaps worst of all, their morale is in the pits. Why you ask? Because they are coming to the unfortunate realization that their life decisions have landed them in a position, while well paying, that isn't going to change. They have no retirement, they don't know what they're going to do when they can't continue to work, they know they've reached the wage cap for the job being done. All that equals resentment, anger, and attitude. I'll have a guy come in and get pissy with me about his 26 dollar and hour job, and I sometimes think...fuck I could let this guy go, hire someone who really needs work in Portland for 20 and hour, they'd be happy and thankful and do the job better. I get frustrated when I see so many people with no work, willing to do anything, and I have entitled guys making 20+ an hour with OT, 100% paid medical/dental, 40 sick and 80-120 vacation complaining that the company doesn't do anything for them.