Or maybe you're just a shitty manager, and the older workers recognize that more than the younger ones do, because, you know, they are older and don't put up with as much bullshit anymore like younger workers do.
randyzpdx, you just ignored everything IA said, including a list including generous pay and excellent pay, and simply called bullshit. Not only is your answer Trumponian in content, but you clearly give yourself away as one of the entitled, self-centered, non-team playing oafs that complains about a perfectly good job just because you're expected to show up and work well with others. Thanks for driving IAs point home.
*includes generous pay and excellent benefits
No need to refer to IA in third person Aurelius, when you write an addendum to the original post in the comments, we know it's you.
Age-ism is just a-okay nowadays, along with sexism and racism. Fuck the Merc for publishing this tripe.

Hope the manager's manager reads this- sees who the dick is- and fires him before there is a lawsuit.

Enjoy hating older people- you will either be dead or old one day. Your hatred now will just mean that you will hate yourself one day when you look in the mirror.

is it really that hard to believe that an older seasoned employee in a physically demanding job could develop an attitude about pay rate and benefits, and lose momentum in the job task, and give attitude to supervisors when they are called out on productivity or entitlement? If your answer is yes, then you've never been a member of the American working class.

OP is insulting all his older employees, and that's what makes him a bigot. It is possible to imagine any employee, regardless of gender/race/age/sexual orientation developing a bad attitude.

you are correct (though I'm not sure insulting is the right word there, perhaps criticizing - there is a difference). HOWEVER, you and I know nothing about the nature of work, how demanding it is, what the environment is like, if it has exposure to anything that could potentially increase the likelihood of illness for people with compromised immune systems, how disgruntled these employees are, how much insubordination the manager has to deal with on a daily basis, how much room the company has for employee growth, what ratio of "young" to "old" the team is, etc.

You are judging from the perspective that subject A (young guy) is criticizing subject B (older guys) for an unwarranted reason outside of just being a hateful, dickish, crappy manager. That may be true, but it also may not. The statements may not apply to all persons within a particular age group, but that doesn't negate the reality that applies to some persons. If it can and does apply to some people, then is it so much bigotry, or very unpleasant observations that people don't know how to emotionally process so cling on to a witch-hunt culture (IE: you said something that make me feel uncomfortable, I'll suspend my logic and assume you are wrong, and label you with the most convenient denigrating classification).

I for one can think of a ton of jobs the average person of age would find incredibly more difficult than a younger person. I'm not saying it's okay to fire them for this or hire one way or another based on that, but the statements from the OP aren't false. and if the statements from the OP aren't false, then him being a bigot or hateful is really just a value-judgment you've placed on him because you refuse to acknowledge the limits and restraints of the human body.
I/anonie, You are speaking in general of age discrimation. Most older people in the work place are like most young people holding on to their job. We all have faults, and I don't see anymore elderly slacking than the young in there job duties. Precious people trying to make a living, should not be hated upon because they don't move fast enough. Most of the young people that share duties with the elderly, bring laughter and a since of family they so long ago lost. If you want to bitch about people not planning for their retirement, it could happen to you and your family.
Anonie's confirmation bias is showing.
For you young people: con·fir·ma·tion bi·as; noun
The tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one's existing beliefs or theories.
I just think it's funny y'all are up in arms about this but the way millennials are blasted on the daily goes unchecked.

This post could have said "I'm conflicted about my work force because they're all millennials and they always call in sick, they work half as hard as the older crew, and they feel entitled to more pay and benefits without the necessity of gaining seniority or climbing the ladder."

I bet that post y'all would have agreed. Just to be the devils advocate here, the guy (or girl?) did say they were conflicted and by interpretation of the post this manager hasn't let go of any of the perceived problem employees. It's a fucking rant. Half the posts on I/A can be interpreted as sexist, racist, bigotry, misogynistic, it just depends on what lens you're looking through.

One word of advise to the OP, keep it on forums like this and don't be stupid. It's okay to get frustrated, but legit, this kind of shit can and will bury you - and for good reason, there are far too many unemployed middle aged working class Americans who are struggling to keep a family afloat because of perspectives like this. If you're a good manager, which I want to say you are since you haven't fired them yet, figure out ways to keep them motivated and work smart not hard.
Snickerdoodle, I didn't write this. When I first read it I missed the ageism aspect present in the piece. I took it to be a young manager who tries to look out for his workers and was dealing with employees who expressed entitlement and laziness because of their seniority. Now that I reread it I totally agree that this guy is probably a full-on douche nugget and hereby retract my defense of him. Good day maam/sir.
Most of the problems the manager lists could be fixed with lunchtime "Matlock" airings in the break room. When in doubt, more "Matlock."

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