Fun Facts About Crosswalks!


The dumbest fucking law actually passed.

nonetheless, you are correct. BUT

According to the same law, pedestrians (cyclists included) must make a signaling gesture that is apparent to passing vehicles that you are attempting to cross the street. Pedestrians are not to cross until vehicle traffic has come to a stop.

With that in context, if you were 3/4 the way across the street you would be on the opposing side of traffic where the vehicle isn't travelling. If you were 1/4 or 1/2 the way then a hazard would be apparent. If this was a single lane road (such as those in dense older neighborhoods) where the speed is usually15-25, then considering the average width (10-12' = 11' avg) and the average width of a vehicle (5.95') then being 3/4 the way through the road would mean a hazard exists. However, assuming vehicle is traveling 15-25 miles per hour and you weren't hit, then you were 3/4 across the road before the vehicle reached you which means you likely seen the vehicle coming but chose to walk anyway assuming the vehicle noticed you. This action negates the pedestrian responsibility of the law you are referencing.

Stay the fuck out of the streets, how about that.

*fist bumps Stand Down*
Never interpret the written word as the undisputed truth, because sometimes it will get you killed.
Put a little hustle in your step, I/A. You're probably the type of asshole who slows his walk and risks getting hit just to try and prove your shitty, entitled point. There are laws on the books, and then there's the way the world functions, and one of those ways is that if you are crossing at a legal-but-unmarked "crosswalk" on a busy street, you wait for a sufficient gap and hurry the fuck up about it.
I shared IA's rant with someone I know and they asked I reply with the following:

"I would gladly meet up with this dirtbag and rip his arms out and beat him with them. Is there a way you can post to the idiot scum of the earth pedestrian mentality of Portland?"
This scenario is exactly like Tiananmen Square. Except the tank just drove around you and bypassed your pedestrian rights
get your priorities straight. you can be right and still end up dead. so you caught up with this person and threatened violence. what will you do when he steps out of his car and draws his perfectly legal pistol?