There is a difference. Especially for the person on the receiving end. For example, someone wants to fart, and gives a little warning. It's nice to prepare. Versus the person that just lets it rip. Or, a roommate asking to eat the last slice of pizza, or the person that just devours it, especially if that pizza was not theirs and the rightful owner was looking forward to eating it for dinner. Someone knocking on a door versus plain barging in. Takes a certain person to just do.

A lot of people just do whatever the fuck they feel like, whoever the fuck it's going to affect, and never thinking what it may mean, who it could upset or hurt. Doesn't matter if they're told, given advice, a head's up, or they know it's respectful and courteous to simply ask.

It's never the case of doing something to make someone happy. Although, for positive effects the reason behind the intention switches. For example, someone asking to bring a sixer over. When that person is asking, there is hesitation, an actuality of really not wanting to bring anything over versus the person that just brings a sixer over, which could upset the recipient anyway, like if they weren't drinking.

What's the point? I don't know. I know those are dumb examples. I know all I'm saying is I'd be happier someone asked rather than does. That's just me. Then again a special doing could be a nice surprise. I'm contradicting myself, and confused. I don't care anymore. What's the point? That's exactly it. What's the damn point? People gonna do whatever the fuck they want anyway. Whatever the fuck they want.