I'm gonna COMMUNICATE this. As a cashier, I'm nobody to most and 50% of people prove it to me. It doesn't make me feel worthless, however. I'm a means to an end. I'm a stranger. Why be polite? I just think what's wrong in someone's life that they turned out incompetent and rude. I'll throw out a few guesses. Entitlement, internet, phones, and paranoia. Do you know how many of these interactions I go through that are utterly wordless? No hello. No small talk. No have a good day. No thank you. No goodbye. I can spot it coming. Once I say my greeting and nothing. I know what's coming and I lose interest in anything further. Sometimes I just don't say anything either from the start. The one that feels condescending is the motions to do something. It's not an "I need your help" kind of motion either. It's a motion that is completely patronizing and arrogant. Again, no eye contact. No words. Just here's this, so do that for me and do it now! I'm going to start saying do it yourself. But then I'd be wrong because customer is always right, right? I'm working on trying to debunk that idea.