You: "scuse me sir"!?
Me: "yes"?
You: "can I show you something"? (Motions for me to come over)
Me: (not coming over) "let me guess, you found a broken egg"?I reply.
You: "Yes! I don't know what you guys do with this but I found one"!(Hands me carton).
Me: (sets carton down nearby) "why thank you"! (Fake thanks).
You: (smug look and inspects further cartons, passing on many choosing a lucky dozen)
Me:'(!waits for you to leave, flips cracked egg over to make it look fine, puts back on stack).

Don't call me over to tell and then show me you discovered a broken fuckin egg in the carton. Just set it aside, it happens allllllll the time!
It's people like you that get me in trouble b/c it slows me the fuck down while I am filling the yogurts. Fuckin stop it!