Okay, it's not the staring and looking. Though people do it way too much for my own sanity. It's these unfriendly eyeballs of judgment, fear or paranoia, or something. Like WTF? Okay I don't care if you look at me. Okay I don't care if you do it 20 times in a few minutes and I catch you every time. Though that's still fucked up. Though I still think it's creepy. How uncomfortable it makes me. What's seriously fucking wrong with you? I just don't understand. These unfriendly, hostile eyeballs. It's an eyeball looking into another eyeball. That's just as personal as dick into vag, in my mind. Then when if I look at you and nod, smile, say hello or something, it's more staring with those unfriendly eyes. I kinda get it too because most people live in a social mainstream where acceptance is all they live for. So they gotta see if someone is looking at them for their own validation for what they are doing or how they look. But, boy could I care less!

This dude I just met at a bar after the new year struck said I had kind eyes. That is probably the nicest thing anyone ever said to me. I then told him if I was into dudes, I'd be into him. He said the same back to me. Why can't people communicate anything if they gotta stare? Like, what's your purpose? What is the willy nilly point? Instead it's eyeballs.