Or meetings, or workshops, whatever you wanna call it. Teaching an adult is pointless. Way more senseless than training a stray cat or a kid. The only point is that it makes adults feel like they're doing something important, maybe making money from, getting paid to be clueless.
I worked this sustainability event and there wasn't any sign of sustainability judging from the results of the event. It could be that I dunno what sustainability means. It could be sustainability means something different to them and they're talking about an elite special operation kinda sustainability.
These hypocrites don't recycle paper, plastic bottles, or glass, although the trash bins are labelled clearly for that stray cat to comprehend. The amount of toiletry products I had to restock was way more than excessive. For example, 10 toilet paper rolls for about 50 people? I hope their anuses, vaginas, penises, noses, and hands were so clean you could eat off it and lick it dry.
One thing's for sure, they are teaching how to save water. Judging by the toilets that were never flushed, I can tell this training is gonna massively benefit not only them, but the world and future at large.
So give yourselves a hand you fine Americans. Way to go you awesome humans. Once again showing how naive you are. It will only be after the earth crumbles that it might make sense. This activism after the fact is something we shouldn't get in to though.