Yeah I know who you are. I could spot you two-blocks away. It was raining and you were standing there in your Frog Togg holding a clipboard on the corner. You stood there, arms crossed, glasses half fogged, maintaining the fa├žade of friendliness as you watched my approach like a spectator playing out the next 5-minutes in their head.

"Hey how are you today?" I answered smugly "ok, could be standing on the corner in the rain." I didn't slow my roll. You asked if I knew who you were. "Yeah you're the ones who had the bright idea to hang off a bridge right."

"YEAH!" you exclaimed, perhaps trying to convince yourself I wasn't being hostile. "Blocking the oil tanker!"

That's when I stopped. Turned around. "No, you blocked a fucking vessel that was carrying a safety device used to contain spills." I don't know if you could recognize or not, but I wasn't being friendly to you for a reason. Your cause is bullshit. You were bullshit - just an idealistic hippy who responded to a craigslist add for weekend work who doesn't have enough common sense to even know what the fuck you were talking about. I'm dearly glad you chose to keep quiet and not respond. I would have tore you up. Might have been good though cause you'd likely be prompted to go out and get a real education, maybe even a real job where you learn what it's actually like in industry. Fuck you and your soggy ass.