Anonymous Mar 27, 2017 at 9:38 am


You should listen to something else besides Rise Against. This isn't 2007.
You should totally start a militia.
Good job smashin' the state, yo.
Let me guess. You live in a dorm and your going to change the world. You might even go into neighborhoods in the dark with your stupid face covered. You are not a protester unless you went to the party and did not smash windows. A silent peaceful march would not be your thing. You think your so smart, but I bet you have never even had a part time job. You sound like you are a 13year old. You are no leader for any cause you big mouth.
I agree with you on, the sign- right- here and THEY got your name forever. The you gotta-wreck-something and hurt or scare the- shit- out- of- somebody is total bullshit.

Believe me you get noticed and talked about and inspire when you walk calmly up to the devil and stare him down. If he pulls a gun and blasts you, very sorry for your wife and family, but then you are a martyr. If you get a last second chance to draw faster than the cop and lunch him, you go to jail for a long time if you're lucky. That's the risks and you have to decide if they're worth the outcome of your little movement.,
I/A you're just saying get out there and make some noise, get noticed and so what if you piss a lot of people off. That cause will get buried, if you can even remember what it was, after the smashing and looting and head busting. You just stick to your day job and keep giving us advice when you think we need it again. Take it easy Ego.
"Don't come to the game if you didn't come to play."

You know, that works both ways. Next time you start fucking shit up don't act like a little bitch when police show up wearing riot gear. If you want to act like a force to be reckoned with be prepared to be reckoned with.

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