You had a fake fare that the driver called you out on. You paid, reluctantly. What were you to do called out by someone? Maybe like never before? Maybe like everytime you try to be cheap on some system for a few bucks? Then walking away, there it was and not to the driver's face. The princess hissy fit. You were wrong. Couldn't be more wrong insisting that 1 plus 1 is 200. You sat at the back of bus still complaining, and believing in yourself to be right. "Ugly bitch, learn how to drive the bus" were a few words I caught. You kept going on and on, leaving the bus. Who you are, whatever you are is a tragedy and casualty of thousands, if not millions more that remind me all the time there is no hope. Some day you'll grow older and maybe realize but more than likely not, that you need some changing and how foolish you used to be and how foolish you are, if you ever figure it out. Again, likely not. The fact that you act that way tells me no one has put you in your place, and people around you condone your behavior. I don't know if I'm sad, mad, or numb. Probably all of it. I won't say I wish that wand got shoved down your throat. I guess I just did. Make a wish, sweet princess. I will say toads are prettier than you, although you're probably saying everyone is an ugly bitch that confronts you.