1. What do the following streets have in common? Multnomah, Holgate, Tacoma, Glisan, Division, Oak, SE 7th, Rosa Parks Way, Vancouver/Williams, Naito, Hawthorne. While you’re sitting in gridlock you may recall that they were once efficient, multi-lane lane streets that moved traffic. Now they been converted to single lanes using the junk science of “road diets”, a concept rejected by every other traffic engineer in the world.
2. Here’s one for all you car haters: What do the following communities have in common? Mollala, Willsonville, Canby, Vancouver, Sandy, Dunthorpe, King City. Give up? They all used to be served by TriMet buses. Funding for those areas evaporated over the last 30 years to build light rail lines.
3. What do the following neighborhoods have in common: Sellwood, Westmoreland, Brooklyn, King, Brentwood-Darlington, Reed, etc. etc. etc. If you answered that they were once middle-class areas with affordable housing for working people, you would be right again. Now they are playgrounds for the super rich, and construction fodder for developers.
4. An easy one: What city was once considered one of the most livable in America? If you answered “Portland” you would be right, and give yourself some tongue for having a long memory, because it’s been a long time since then, and apparently, will be a long time before it is again.
5. What do the names Ivancie, Schrunk, McCready, Lee, Katz all have in common? If you guessed they were once Portland mayors who acted on the city’s problems, you’d be right. Agree or disagree with their policies and politics, they did SOMETHING. There wasn’t this constant handwringing about homeless, jobs, crime. Today’s elected officers just talk- and hug.