Stay Classy


You sound like the worlds best bartender...until you describe how you actually do your job. Then you sound like a lazy piece of shit who avoids the difficult part of his/her job.
I'm self employed thank you, and I'm changing my business model to include slapping the dicks out of your mouth, ray.

I'm hiring, btw. Full bennies and all the dicks you can slap.
Wasn't offering you a job slapping the dicks out of your own mouth, ray. It was job posting at large. Apparently that sailed right over your disabled head .

To answer your questions...
1. When i realized i was picking on a mentally handicapped person in the comments on IA.
2. Because dumb people are not above ridicule.

Oh, don't think i didn't notice in your above comment that you immediately admit to having a debilitating amount of dicks in your mouth. I knew there was a market for this service!
Yes ray, you won the argument.
Aaaa yes, and you probably want a $1 tip every time you snap that PBR.... and they bitch about not being able to pay rent...