Was a time mainstream had some relevance and importance. It at least had more appeal to me. This world has gone to shit. news is mostly bad news and good news is well, ever so nauseating. Little girl scout is on the Voice. Whoopie. Little baby girl had a small roll on a TV show and is now trying to start her own show with a GoFundMe page. Make this headline news and interview her proud mommy and daddy, make em famous for no one to give a shit about in 6 months. This world is saturated with mediocrity that is celebrated as glorious. There was a time the likes of a Jackie Robinson, Jackson Browne, the Eagles was mainstream. Had way more heart than anything I barely witness today and immediately turn off. Internet stories on websites making it seem a big deal then I bite, read the story and how boring and trivial it was. People actually spend some time, thought and energy to comment on such things that no one reads or acknowledges anyway. There appears to be a lot of mainstreamers in this country and they all buy into it. I just crawl into my own world with my tribe who are the people with actual heart, talent and stories that no ones ever heard of.
Sorry I will not read your everyday mundane posts about how these special socks made you slip on the kitchen floor. Im afraid all socks do that. Your new quote that someone else made famous and you just realized wow you ate a cheeseburger in paradise. Buddy, you do that, you make a will because you dont have family, lover, or a child to leave your belongings to then post it online.