On being a social servant.
Humans are nice, understanding, have nice smiles to make my day.
Then there's the small percentage.
Humans are entitled, demanding. No, is not an answer. The world is made for them.
Humans are stupid. Humans are dicks. Humans are assholes. Humans are cheap.
Humans are incompetent. I don't work at the drive thru, but my scenario is similar. People can't pull to the window at the right distance. Most of them are so far away, they can't complete the transaction. In my case, it's worse because it's a self sufficient process.
Humans can get their services for free, still bitch, whine.
Humans don't like to be put in their place.
Humans don't say sorry when they are waiting cause they fucked up or say thank you when you help them.
Humans don't talk or communicate. They just look at you like you got poop on your face or with their own oblivious face.
Humans are inept. Using a credit card is like building a pyramid.
Humans are impatient. A few minutes, they go berserk. They will get stuck in another line somewhere where more incompetent people are or they will get stuck in traffic or speed up to the red light.
Humans in cars think they are getting somewhere quick.
Humans are rude. Humans are condescending.
We're supposed to be friendly and cool to each other after that?
I know the problem is with them and their life. They feel their situation in life is someone else's fault so they point, displace their emotions, toxic energy out to the universe. Somehow it makes them feel better. Sometimes I turn the fool for reacting when I should just laugh. It is hilarious watching a grown adult have a fit.
Humans have ugly souls.