Being retired and not very energetic, I watch the News more than is healthy for me. I believe the Press is our only viable watchman against the wrong in the present political climate, and has been so in other periods of our's and world history. Their one gaping weak spot is when they Snark, just to be Snarking.

I first noticed it post inauguration when the press started jumping on Trump for saying he was going to let Hillary remain a free citizen. Loops were all over the screen replaying every syllable Trump said against Hillary. I said to myself and aloud "what the F, do they want him to "Lock her up"? Nope, they were just Snarking. Another example is since we've lobbed those Tomahawks into Syria after seeing those horrific pictures of the gassing of the innocent, the press has been pretty critical of Trump for doing so. He didn't notify Congress first; the airstrip was up and running in a couple of days; he shouldn't have risked all out war like that; and the big buzzy one "how can he do that, when he sees some pictures of tortured suffocating babies, yet he doesn't want immigrants to come into this country or refugees from worn torn Syria or Iraq?
HEY!! they're not the same. You're just "What"? starts with an Sn ....and rhymes with what downtown Portland has little of...Parking. Well Park this where the sun don't shine: you should do your snarking on an appropriate site like this 'un here, and not on the Six o'clock news. (6:30 wild western edition). Keep it in your pants if it's not gonna be productive.