I been noticing security at alot of grocery stores these days. Awesome! But what's with the constant staring and profiling. I know. I know. That's what a security does. But they should teach you guys how to smile or say hello, or say have a nice day. All it does is make me uncomfortable. I feel like I'm doing something wrong and about to steal something just by the way you looking at me. It does not make me feel safe or more secure. If stealing is such an issue, just stand at the entrance and corroborate each receipt. I mean I walked right out of that store with loaf of bread and bottle of wine in hand. You don't know if I paid for that shit! I probably don't "look" like I'm a thief. Then why the hell you watching every where I go? How do you know who's gonna steal by the way someone looks anyway?! I could come in here, raggedy, boozed up, unshaven, and will you think I'm more a thief than suit and tie guy?