Lately I've been looking at people and wondering what sex would be like with them. Most of it, I don't want to picture.
It's true, I don't give people enough credit, or the benefit of the doubt. They've earned it. I have no faith or expectations.
What the hell is up with impatient person driving that cannot wait for people to cross the parking lot?
You do stupid things. Everyone does. Everyone thinks they are smarter than someone else. Add that up. Put you and everyone else in cars. Put you, everyone else in cars on the street and in traffic. That's what you get.
Can't wait for coffee shops to ask people to bring own cups. And while we're at it, restaurants to require people to bring their own utensils and plates. it's gonna happen.
My name is Tim. "What was your name again?" Tim, I'm confirming my reservation for these days. "What day was that?" We're finally talking the same lingo, so I say what day was that? When? Hi, this is Tim.
It's no wonder you don't like texts. You can't read or comprehend shit because of what you reply.
Among homeless and street junkies, there's freeloaders. A lot! of freeloaders! No, you're not a freespirit, and I don't like you.
2 kids dealing weed, looking around, waiting for me to walk by. Oh, the hilarity to be young and think you're doing something kick ass cool, and we don't know what you're doing.