This morning, a man felating another man downtown near the train station. A homeless man on the burnside bridge popping a squat and forcibly trying to take a deuce but not succeeding. A drunk driver in the car next to me at 7 am. A phone call at work, one the first, exclaiming that I should have been at work when they tried calling earlier in the morning. We open at 9, they do too but are on the East Coast, multiple time zones are hard to comprehend. The Ups guy who parked in the handicap spot to make 4 floors of deliveries. My coworker who openly talks about smoking recreational weed. My boss who is too afraid to say anything about it because he's afraid of losing his job like the last boss. The guy whom I know nothing about who eats two slices cheese pizza and has a diet rockstar literally every-day-Monday-through-Friday. Why I insisted on using dashes to emphasize that when likely you won't hear it like I heard it in my head. Why I bother posting this. Why on my way home this afternoon, I'm just going to be thinking about if this weekend I'll be lucky with the wife or if I'm just kidding myself, only to resolve in stopping and buying ice cream as a weekend treat. Why tonight, I'll probably come back and see if anyone said anything in response to this. Why I actually care? And finally, how this weekend is going to pass so quickly, and by 10 am Monday and a few angry emails, I'll wonder why I spent my Friday afternoon on I,Anonymous, craigslist, and musicians friend drooling over a new guitar that I'm horrible at playing instead of doing the project that's due by 10 am Monday.