Sorry you had such a crappy commute in your car during rush hour last night. When you decided to cut me off when I was biking home from work you probably didn't think through that you would be backed up at the next stop sign and I would catch up to you. When I did, I spit on your car and cursed you out. Your passenger window happened to be open so apparently I spit on you too. OOPS! You seemed REALLY upset about that and proceeded to try and drive me off the road (failed), spit on me (missed), and throw garbage at me (missed again). When you got stuck at the next red light and I biked off, you must have been extra angry. Next time, try treating a bike like a car. Or, work on your aim so you're not so frustrated. Or, roll your window up since I will do the exact same thing if you cut me off again, you fucking douchebag.