So Portland is the number one tourist destination! Probably not.
Is Portland the number one tourist destination? I don't know.
According to the most trusted of news sources, 100s of people move here daily? Whatever the truth may be, Portland is that fucked up, used to be secret beach, a couple people knew about to now being overcrowded and overpopulated.
I hope when tourists visit and they ride the wonderful max into town, they witness all the trash and tents littered along the route near 84. That's not in the brochure. Nor is talk of the homeless camps in every neighborhood as well as the exotic downtown street life.
It's almost the new "In" thing.
The other thing is, I hate the overly ambitious. They will fuck you over and talk all kinds of shit about you.
Then another thing is, I hate the excessively unaspiring. Usually that sums up fake wannabe hooligans that are more ubiquitous than these hipsters I keep hearing about.
Then there's the jobless I hate too. Then that has to define a lot of the population in this city. Does anybody work in this town?
This is the city that works so it makes sense.