Can you smell it? That moist spring air? Cherry blossoms, flowers and the sweet, heavy rain. Nostalgia has never been so prominent in my existence until now. I would have never guessed being away in the deserts of Africa and the middle east would give me this flourishing feeling.

Home would find it's way to my mind occasionally, during my military service. I would try to keep it out... wishful thinking didn't help much at the time. I knew that this day would finally come and that i would enjoy every moment of it... but I didn't think about my Californian license plates.

"Go f!*$ yourself", "Go home!" There's been cans thrown at my car, birds flipped, random hate screams. For a town that is pro-immigration, the hate for "Californians" is too strong here.

This is to all you assumptive grand standers. Check yourself.