So I read a post on FB by a woman who we'll call Alex who lives in the Pearl. She wrote about a man she saw at a bus stop "in distress" "slumped" "didn't appear to be breathing" you "wanted to shake him but keep my distance until help arrived" because why? "he seemed homeless"—yes, you called 911 and stood there and did NOTHING all the while judging all who walked by, yet YOU STOOD THERE AND WATCHED A MAN DIE! You wrote such a righteous post about your 911 call, but you didn't do a thing. Do CPR! If you don't know how, the operator will help you! You were judging him too, like the passersby you described, you just gawked at him while the last beats of life left his body. I respond to and work these calls everyday, YOU are a coward looking for praise. You're just a writer, not a hero!