No TV for you! I miss that idea. It's not new, but is for me to realize it. Noone watches a TV in public. Folks are looking at their phone. 12 out of 15 people on the bus once!
I don't do the phone. No interest in it. Don't need my phone to do everything. While it's great for ones that embraced it, great for technology, I'm lost with it in my life. Don't want it. I have enough trouble with a laptop. All the distractions, ads, pop ups, emails, different sites to look at all at once. It would be the same as watching 20 different TV shows on 20 different TV's or trying to flip through 20 shows at once. It is a lot of USELESS, COMPLETELY UNFULFILLING INFORMATION. Yet, somehow I still think I need it? Somehow a friend's posts seems important. Some headline appears poignant.
It is not the case! I'm done. I'm figuring out a remedy. I need to focus and concentrate on important things. I need to detox from it. I'm not even an excessive user, or moderate, for that fact. I do what I need, and get out. When I find myself checking my email every 2 hours, something is wrong. That is not normal. It's making every single one of us have ADD.
As an artist and musician, it is destroying creativity worse than alcohol.
Life is worse for it. I can't even think of the last time I listened to an album the whole way through. Instead it's shuffling through 20,000 songs.
Why am I even here now?
I better crank up my tiny screen, watch, whatever. Maybe get a text, and a call in between making dinner, and painting.
5 hours later. Oh right, that project.